What Is Ziiron?

Ziiron is a Marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers with the sole purpose of buying and selling in their locality. Available globally in every single country worldwide, Buying and Selling near you has been made easier with Ziiron. Buying and Selling are most effective, fast, easy and reliable when it’s done in the neighborhood or nearby. Ziiron uses Google Maps/ Geolocation to trace your location (city, state, and country) to enable the business to become efficient and faster.

For Buyers:

Our App shows you cool items that are up for sale at great prices around you.

For Sellers:

Ziiron displays your items to people in close proximity in your neighborhood. Meet nearby in person to exchange your item for cash Or any payment method available in your community. Messaging members and scheduling meetups are also included in Ziiron, by sharing your exact location or set a secure location for the transaction to take place.

Your trusted local community already living next door! Oh, and of course it’s totally FREE!

Got stuff to sell?

Take a photo and list it in seconds. Earn extra cash from the sale. Let go of items you no longer want or need, by listing them on Ziiron. Discover stuff for sale nearby or search for something specific. Now post anything in 30 seconds. Take a picture, set a price and that’s it.

Find great local deals from Home Furniture, Kitchen, Mobile Phones, Music, Movies, Real Estate , Books, Pet Supplies, Baby, Bicycles, Community, Fashion, Garden, Health , Beauty, Photography ,Cameras, Cars, Sports , Tablets ,Computers, Tools for DIY, Toys, TV , Video Games, and more! . Even Jobs and Services.
Buying and selling from/to long distance locations or countries are always posed with trust issues, delays, shipping, currency exchange, and different payment methods, with Ziiron you can buy and sell in your neighborhood with no stress at all.

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